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About Me As Your Confidence Coach

Do you lack the confidence to make a big change in your life? Is poor self-esteem or insecurity holding you back? Does stepping outside your comfort zone totally freak you out? Don't feel 'good enough'?

Hey...I GET IT! That was me for more years than I care to share! I get it. I have been where you are right this second and still am sometimes! Want to know how I know? You are sitting there reading this and cruising the rest of my website wondering if you have the courage to change.

I am here to tell you that you DO have that courage, and you DO have that strength and YOU ARE worth it!

I can help you address your confidence and self-esteem concerns and am able to give you the tools you need to remove self-doubt and uncertainty from your thoughts. 

My goal for myself and the goal that I have for you is to help you gain a new enthusiasm and excitement for life and to help you be motivated to take action so that you can feel good about yourself. I will lead you towards your full potential!

I am NOT here to provide you with a quick fix or a magic pill. Trust has taken a long time and a lot of work to be who I am today, and the work doesn't just stop once you believe you have 'gotten there'. Why? Well none of us are perfect and the work is ongoing, but I can help you to dig walk with help you change how you talk to yourself and others. I will help you fall in love with life!

Take my are NOT alone...LETS GO!!


About Me As Your Virtual Assistant

ALI Services is a great choice if you are seeking ways to help your business run more efficiently, or if you need help with time consuming tasks. I am organized and extremely detail-oriented and operate with the utmost honesty and professionalism.
I have extensive skills that have been gained from 15 years as a paralegal, a small business owner and from working with non-profit organizations planning events. I understand what it takes to get the job done and done correctly, and understand that we all need help from time to time. Let ALI Services help you gain the free time you crave!


About Me as Your Event Planner

Let me take the stress out of your event! I am highly organized, detail oriented and creative. What does that mean? Well, it's the right combination that makes a fantastic event planner!

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